Solar in LATAM: BYD Creates 300 Jobs for Campinas PV Module Plant in Brazil

BYD Energy do Brasil – the Brazilian PV business branch of green-tech giant BYD Company Ltd. – has recently announced a cooperation agreement with the Labor Office of the municipality of Campinas, Brazil, for the creation of 300 labor posts to form the initial staff of the company’s PV module production unit.

The opening of the PV plant – to add to the company’s operating electric bus plant in the city – had been announced upon the visit of China’s Premier Li Keqiang to Brazil in May 2015. With an initial investment of R$ 150 million (or around US$ 45 million), the plant will start production in early 2017 with a 200MW production capacity.

The boom in solar power generation in Brazil has created an ideal scenario for BYD to start producing its state-of-the-art solar modules in the country. A series of renewable power auctions starting last year – with the first one in 2016 to be carried out in September and a second in December – is setting Brazil to achieve remarkable capacity for renewables generation, with solar power becoming an important addition to the country’s energy matrix. By the end of June 2016, Brazil relied on a solar production of only 30 MW in 39 solar power plants; but the total is expected to grow to 2.734 MW in 134 solar plants by 2019. Such positive trend has prompted BYD Energy to set up PV module manufacturing in the country, resulting not only in the growth of the company’s sustainable development platform in South America, but also in significant job creation and strengthening of a new productive chain in Brazil. Additionally to the unquestionable environmental benefits, the biggest advantages of solar power generation are the speed of power plant construction, minimum environmental impact, low maintenance costs and possibility to locate plants closer to large consumption centers, thus avoiding long transmission lines. BYD has long been an active advocate of Solar Power, or what it calls the first of its “Three Green Dreams”, being the second Energy Storage, followed by Electrified Transportation, and the kickoff of its Brazilian PV production unit nudges it closer to their materialization.


PICTURE: Signing Ceremony of BYD and the Labor Office of the municipality of Campinas (From left to right, Ms. Stella Li, President of BYD Motors Inc.; Mr. Jonas Donizette, Mayor of Campinas; Mr. Tyler Li, General Manager of BYD do Brasil)

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