Solar in Australia: New energy rules to clear the way for more battery and solar power

The energy market rule maker is developing new reforms designed to allow more Australians to sell their solar power into the grid.

The Australian Energy Market Commission chairman John Pierce said a number of changes have been proposed to reform the way the grid generates and consumes electricity which will remove the barriers ordinary Australians face in selling their power into the grid.

The AEMC’s new rules are designed to update the existing regulatory frameworks, focusing on reliability and security of supply, how the poles and wires transmit electricity, and in 'decentralising' from a few large power stations to a mass of smaller generators such as wind farms and rooftop solar and battery installations.

“Because of the technology revolution, families and businesses are not just electricity consumers, they can also be power producers,” the AEMC said.

“Expanding large-scale and roof-top renewable generation and storage is an opportunity.

It also means we must change how we manage the system to keep it working well.

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