California's 100% - Amazing but The Goal should be Broaden

While paying sincere respect to Governor Jerry Brown for signing Clean Energy Bill, let me bring you our SOLAR FUTURE.TODAY leaders thoughts.

1. We think that "100% Goal" will be reached between 2030-2035 rather than 2045 

2. "100% Goal" should be broaden to all aspects of life that will be impacted by 100% of Clean Energies (with crucial role of Solar)  

Here are 100% Goals that we identified within definition of our Broaden Goal ->  "THE SUSTAINABLE+ WORLD 100": 

  • 100% of Renewables

  • 100% of Electric Transportation

  • 100% of Smart Cites, Communities & Homes

  • 100% of People Connected & benefiting from the Internet of Things and Digital Revolution (cleantech+digitalization) 

  • 100% of People With Access To Education (cleantech+digitalization)

  • 100% of Disabled People Included in Society (cleantech+digitalization) 

  • 100% of People With Job Opportunity and/or Access To Fair Income 

  • 100% of Countries, Regions, Cities with Opportunity to Exponential Economic Growth 

  • 100% Peaceful World 

-> thanks to that, everybody will be able to identify herself/himself with her/his own 100% and become part of the movement

See you at THE 2ND SOLAR FUTURE.TODAY INFLUENCERS FORUM NORTH AMERICA: “SOLAR LIFESTYLE - TOWARDS THE SUSTAINABLE+ WORLD 100” to be held on September 24 in Beverly Hills & continued on SPI's Expo Floor in Anaheim. 

...and last but not least If you have just 90 seconds of spare time please have a look on our Manifesto.. and Bring Your DNA to Us Today to Build The Sustainable+ WORLD 100 Together!

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